online workshops

for women with stories to tell who are itching to write

a spiral shell resting on a pebbly beach with the sea blurry in the background

within: an online writing workshop for the time of corona

Everyone everywhere was forced inside by this coronavirus, in one way or another. Like it or not, ready or not, we were driven inside our homes, our families, and ourselves.

Every one of us has spent months enclosed within a shell. But word about what’s going on inside – inside our communities, our families, our homes, our bodies, our minds, ourselves – has to come out.


a transparent cassette tape with a tiny blue flower tucked inside

re«mind: an online memoir workshop

Do you remember making mixed tapes?

Remember how we’d pick a band or a theme or a mood and assemble bits of music from our collection of cassette tapes, albums, and maybe even the radio, to compose our singular masterpiece?

Well, writing your memoir can be just. like. that.