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Do you remember making mixed tapes?

Remember how we’d pick a band or a theme or a mood and assemble bits of music from our collection of cassette tapes, albums, and maybe even the radio, to compose our singular masterpiece?

Well, writing your memoir can be just. like. that.

If the idea of writing 200 pages about your life has you reaching for the Xanax, I get it. Ain’t no waaaay I’d go at it like that. Instead, I’d approach it as I have been – one event, one experience, one moment at a time.

With that approach, before you know it, you’ll have tens of thousands of words to work/play with. Or, as in my case, hundreds of thousands.

And like with our old-school mixtapes, you can gather the pieces of your memoir from all kinds of places – your journals, your Sent folder, your blog, your Facebook or Instagram or Twitter feeds. Even your playlists and Pinterest boards tell your story, yeh?

But if you want to collect stories from before smartphones and the Internet, you might want a map, a guide, some tools, and some company for that trip down memory lane. That’s where this workshop comes in…

About This Workshop

The writing prompts for this class are windows to your life — not doors but windows. Søren Kierkegaard wisely said that life is lived forwards but can only be understood backward, and those words ring true.

Only now can we review our lives with clarity, knowledge, and objectivity that was unavailable to us in the moment, and perhaps, at that age.

And only here are we far enough away from the dark corners and back alleys of our past to be safe from what (or who) we might find there.

If you have stories you want to tell, and you’re eager to recall, reflect, and tell them – and you like the idea of assembling a unique mixed tape of your life experiences – then you’re in the right place.

Is This Memoir Workshop Right for You?

Welp. First, you gotta have access to email, because the writing prompts will be delivered to your inbox. If you have email, then…

You may enjoy this workshop if…

… you enjoy journaling or writing letters or
… you have a nagging feeling that it’s time to write your story or
… you are eager to write your memoir but don’t know where to start or
… you have started your memoir but need a nudge to keep it going or
… you love to tell your life’s stories to family and friends – annnnd maybe also to random strangers at the grocery store, on the bus, or in the street… 😉
and you work well independently

This isn’t the right workshop for you if…

… you are new to writing or
… you are new to or disinterested in self-reflection and self-assessment or
… you want detailed feedback or peer critique
or you expect TLC or one-on-one time with me

What’s Included in the Workshop

  • A week to prep. Four practical steps to prepare your physical space and your headspace for the work to come.
  • A week of warm-ups. Explore memoir in various formats through three writing exercises.
  • 10 robust memoir writing prompts. Ten writing prompts with supporting hints and ideas, with introductions that touch on topics of interest for memoirists.
  • 3 bonus prompts. In case some of the prompts don’t resonate with you, there are 3 additional prompts you can swap in plus the guidelines I used to create the prompts so you can create your own.

Meet Your Guide

crys wood
crys wood: your friendly guide on the side

Hello! I’m Crys Wood, and I’ve been writing my memoir for years through private journaling, public blog posts, and semi-private posts read only by my Facebook Friends and patrons. I’ve accumulated piles of words, one small story at a time.

The praise I get for my perspective and insights has always been welcome and appreciated, and I love hearing that one of my stories helped someone navigate their own life, but that’s never been the point.

I write about my past to revisit unsolved problems, to address unanswered questions, and to be reminded that I’m both awful and awesome.

More than just learning from my mistakes and successes, I write to integrate my feelings and behaviors in the present with the experiences and events of my past – essentially pulling myself together – to make way for more-better possibilities in my future.

As for you, it’s totally okay if you have other reasons for writing or if you get something completely different out of it or both. This workshop isn’t meant to make you a carbon copy of me. I designed it to direct and steer your writing, not to corral or limit it.

This workshop isn’t a rigid container, and I’m not a strict or know-it-all guru-authority-pro instructor. Think of me as your silent guide on the side, gently steering the flow of your writing through exercises and prompts.

How This Works

  • Attend from anywhere in the world, at any time, at your own pace. The entire workshop is held virtually, with links delivered by email, so you can start any time, work from anywhere, and take your time — even set it aside for later.
  • It’s all online. Links to your prep steps, warm-up exercises, and writing prompts are delivered by email.
  • Sign up now – start tomorrow! You’ll receive the workshop schedule right away by email, and your first prep step will land in your inbox tomorrow.
  • You set the pace of the workshop! The prep steps and warm-up exercises will arrive every other day, but you choose how often the memoir writing prompts arrive – continue at the same pace or choose to get prompts daily or weekly.
  • Complete the workshop in 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months, depending on your choice.

Join the RE«MIND Memoir Workshop

Ready to join in? Here’s what’s included in the workshop:

  • 4 prep steps you can use for any writing workshop
  • 3 warm-up writing exercises for memoir
  • 10 robust memoir writing prompts
  • Choose the pace of your writing prompts — weekly, daily, or every other day
  • 3 bonus prompts
  • Everything arrives in your inbox — no passwords or special websites
  • Sign up now, start the workshop tomorrow!


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Frequently Answered Questions

Q: How do you handle refunds?
A: Refunds will not be offered for this memoir workshop. That said, the workshop is described in detail above, and you can send me a note with any questions you have, so you can see if this is a good fit for you.

Q: Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
A: I can’t guarantee that you’ll get the results you intend, but I can and do guarantee that I’ll provide the prompts, resources, virtual spaces, and tools described above.

Got Questions?

If you have a question that wasn’t answered above, click here to send me a note. I’ll reply as soon as I can, which may take a day or two.

Write on! 😉