Blog: Letters from the Far Side of 40

Love notes and letters from me to you

  • Where‌ ‌to‌ ‌Find‌ ‌Happiness‌
    Here’s how (and why) to make a Happy Map – turn-by-turn directions to your happy place 🙂
  • faithfull
    I was watering my store-bought tomato plants a few days ago when these common words hit me in an uncommon way: It’s hard to believe. It wasn’t that the tomato plants were so remarkable (though they are) or the weather so fine (though it was). The sentence was whole and entire in its four words, with nothing to lead or follow. Because it’s not hard to believe that this virus continues to literally plague the […]
  • the middle bit
    This is my shout-out to anyone who’s feeling lost and stranded in that in-between place, where nothing’s wrong, really, but it doesn’t feel right, either.
  • the worry box

    My gramma, who is quite Catholic, had some interesting things to say yesterday about what to do with our worries, and they were right on time, as it turns out…

  • the long view

    The thing about being with Mr. Montana, who steeps himself in history from the Greeks to the Civil War to World War II, is the long perspective he brings…