about crys

I believe words last forever and hold the power to make you or wake you or take you somewhere far, far away from here.

So I masquerade mind probes as loving letters. My stories and musings aim to dissolve illusions, cut the crap, and unify the head and heart. Because, in my experience, our mightiest fears and frets fade in the light of clarity, simplicity and absolute truth.

Hi, I’m Crys Wood.

People say I’m really smart, and I’m learning they are right.

These days I’m busy copyediting + proofreading and building books for people who self-publish. I help them conjure up and clarify their book ideas and get their words off their desks and out into the world, online and in print.

And also managing my anxiety and depression with tenderness, humor, compassion and darned good meds…a nice change from the raging, spitting, tearful defiance I started with. {coff}

And ya know? I’m finding it’s all good. Those ailments carry a perspective that makes me curious, careful, cautious and observant. Skeptical, cynical and rebellious. I’m open to mystery, but I expect proof. And I have a very low tolerance for bullshit, especially my own.

So I experiment with my life and my work. I hold my thoughts, worries, fears and ideas up to the light. I focus the many lenses and ponder the possibilities.

I ask the hard questions. I wonder. I clear things up. I make way. I cuss a good bit. And I write much of it down.

That’s the whole of my life: Test and try, observe and notice, then send word through letters I leave here and others I send by real mail.


Because learning to live without fear and thrive in this mad and majestic world, allowing myself to love and be loved, discovering my best work and how best to do it, wondering over the big and little questions — it’s good stuff, the best, and ever better when it’s not kept to myself.

It helps me to tell it. It may help you to hear it.

Besides, there’s literally nothing better for me to do. I did try other things…I swear, for 30 years I tried.

I trained to be an architect.
I acted as a receptionist and a secretary.
I washed dishes and sold doughnuts.
I modeled nude for artists.
I built databases to analyze all manner of happy horseshit.
I built websites, too.
I demystified people’s computers, projects, and priorities.
I wrote instructions and books for others.

Then I started writing for myself. Really writing.

And there’s nothing better. Not for me.

I’m glad you’re here.

All the best,


p.s. If you need to reach me, send me a note.