Crys Wood

make the most of what you make

Hi! I’m Crys Wood

I help busy solopreneurs engage their audience with captivating and consistent emails, articles, and social media posts — so they can grow their audience and love ’em up without wearing themselves out. #anti-hustle

The key is to make the most of what you make in 3 ways:

  1. Repurpose existing content
  2. Use flexible templates
  3. Automate repetitive tasks

It’s a nifty combo of words + design + technology that I’m qualified to help with because I’m a special type of generalist

Online Content Copywriter & Strategist


Human Design:
1 (Investigator) / 3 (Experimenter)

5w6 . The Problem Solver

Learner, Strategic, Intellection, Input & Analytical

I earned degrees in architectural design and instructional design, then worked in the tech field for 10+ years, and I’ve spent the past 15+ years writing articles and essays, editing blogs, and proofreading books.

Yup, I’m internet OG. I grew up with cassette tapes, corded phones, and sending mail with stamps. I was creating online content before Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube were born. #whaaaa

I’ve watched web technology reshape how we live, work, and play, and I recognize its wonders and its limitations, how it connects us and divides us, how it drives creativity, and also how it drives us crazy.

So, my zero-hype, anti-hustle approach to online business looks like this—

  • Your website — not social media — should be the beating heart of your business.
  • Email is the bones, and the folks who read your messages are the MVPs of your audience.
  • A strong social media presence on 2 or 3 platforms is better than a weak presence across 4 or more.
  • Tried-and-true strategies are better than freaking out over every new fad.

I value fairness, honesty, generosity, and loyalty, along with creative intelligence, cross-grain strategies, simple solutions, and uncommon sense.

If you can roll with that, I’d love to help you extend your reach and love up your fans, friends, and followers. Learn about my services here »


5 Random Facts

  1. My coffee shop order
    Half-caff whole-milk latte with a double shot of hazelnut (at home, I’m happy with Nescafé instant decaf)
  2. I get totally freaked out by…
    • Dolls — they come to life and wreak havoc in the movies!
    • Clowns — have you read Stephen King’s IT? #shudder
    • Sock puppets — their little monkey faces are just weird, okay?
  3. My favorite ice cream flavor is…
    Butter pecan with a sprinkling of sea salt 😋
  4. I want to learn…
    A second language, fair isle knitting, and how to juggle (balls, not tasks!)
  5. In my pantry, you’ll always find…
    Peanut butter, saltines, beef ramen, the CCF tea blend, and Ghirardelli chocolate chips

My Favorites

Foods: pizza, cupcakes, noodle bowls, my mom’s homemade mac & cheese

Things to Do: read, bake, nap, snuggle with Momo & Mr. Montana

TV Shows: Firefly, Grimm, Supernatural, all the NCISes

Authors: John Sandford, Louise Penny, Talia Hibbert, Lisa Kleypas

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