Winter Flower

“Life comes at you fast.”

~ insurance ad

Soooo, that happened.

ChatGPT swept in and changed everything, much like Covid, and along the same timeline — within a few months, it was everywhere.

Also like the pandemic, ChatGPT was a source of epic destruction, unexpected opportunity, and irrevocable change.

It was suddenly a very bad time to be a writer who did routine wordwork, as I did.

When a former client invited me to be ghostwriter/editor for a small corp that battles big corp, I jumped right in, you betcha.

I adore the work, my team, and even my boss, so you can bet I'mma ride this little red wagon 'til the wheels fall off.

Until then, if you need podcast show notes written up, I hear CastMagic's* AI does a goodish job. I'm better, but it's cheaper.

If you want blog posts, articles, talks, or courses repurposed for social media posts, Marketing Magic's* AI is a marvel.

Write on,



These are affiliate links, so I earn a small commission if you give them a go. The apps took over my job, so that seems fair, yeh?