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I help busy solopreneurs captivate their audience with articles, emails, and social media visuals built from content they’ve already created – so they can grow their audience and love ’em up without wearing themselves out.

The Solopreneur’s Dilemma…

Every time you show up online, it gets easier for new clients to find you.

Consistently posting and publishing in the right place at the right time with the right content – and for your right people – allows new clients to discover you on social media and through Google searches.

It also makes it easy for your people to share your brilliance with their people.

But as a one-woman business, it can be hard to do all the things that need doing.

Seriously. How are you supposed to record your podcast and compose an email newsletter and write for your blog and create content for social media while also finding new clients and delivering your services?

And yet, if you don’t stay in touch with your audience, then how will you offer them what you have, learn what they need, and find more people to pay you?

to make the most of what you make.

Each episode of your podcast contains everything you need to make: a blog post, an email newsletter, and quotes for social media graphics. There’s no need to create those things when you can simply extract them.

It gets better: Those re-creations can be sent, published, and posted automagically throughout the week (or the month) while you’re doing the work you were brought here to do.

And, hey, if you don’t want to do it, I would love to do it for you, because creating digital delights so you can shine online is part of what I was brought here for.

So, if you’d rather attract new clients than seek them out,
here’s who I am and how I can help you
make the most of what you make…

Hi! I’m Crys Wood

And I’m a special kind of generalist. I studied architectural design and instructional design, worked in the tech field for 10+ years, then fell face-first into writing — and I’m very good at all of it.

In fact, I was creating online content before there was Google, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. As internet OG, I recognize social media’s impact and limitations, how it connects and divides us, how it drives creativity and also drives us crazy.

Seeing that, I believe that social media is an important part of online business AND…

  • Your website (not social media!) should be the heart of your online presence.
  • A strong presence on 2 or 3 platforms is better than a weak presence across 5+.
  • People who open your emails are the MVPs of your audience.
  • Wielding tried-and-true strategies beats freaking out over the latest fad.

If you can roll with that, I’d love to help you repurpose your podcast to extend your reach and love up your fans, friends, and followers.

Podcast Repurposing Services

I write show notes that are the hub of your marketing strategy

— including short + long intros, quotes, highlights list, resource links, keywords & calls to action.

starting at $175 per episode

Contact me for details →

I turn your podcast into blog posts, articles & emails

so your episodes can be read as well as heard, found via Google, and easily shared among friends, family, coworkers, and colleagues.

starting at $175 per episode

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I assemble gorgeous graphics for social media

to showcase bite-sized portions of your wisdom and expertise for 2 or more social platforms.

starting at $175 per episode

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Good to Know

  • $500 minimum
  • A multi-month commitment is not required. One-time walk-ins, large-ish projects, and continuous engagements are all welcome.
  • Pricing reflects episodes up to 40 minutes. For longer episodes, request a quote.

Is your brain bubbling with other ways you might use my skills? I’m open to ideas, whether half-baked or well-done, so send me a note with what you have in mind.

What My Clients Say…

Crystal is an AMAZING writer and very easy to work with

“Crystal is an AMAZING writer and very easy to work with.  She created the show notes for our Digital Business Acceleration Podcast episodes every week and even included the tags and SEO meta description to add to WordPress.

Not only did she save us time by providing the notes, the quotes, SEO description, meta info, and tags, but she did an excellent job at adding our personalities to the notes.  She has a gift of listening to your communication style and bringing that out in writing, so much so that the show notes sound as if you wrote them yourself.

I don’t know what we would have done without Crystal – she is truly one of a kind.”

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