Real Mail by Crys Wood, mailed by hand

got real mail?

Sorry to say, but Real Mail went on its well-earned retirement on January 1, 2017!

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Remember passing notes in class? And pen pals? Remember real words written on real paper by real people?

Remember when your mailbox held more and better than bills and junk? When you’d sort¬†through the stack and¬†find something that made¬†you smile?

Well, here we go again :+)

This is Crys WoodHi! I’m Crys Wood, and I send Real Mail —¬†longish letters¬†about life in general with a little something extra enclosed, like¬†a card to send to a friend¬†or a¬†nifty bit to stick on your¬†fridge.

Imagine that, yeh? You open your mailbox and — voila! — a welcome surprise among the bills and junk, something fine with thoughtful words to savor and a small treat to send or save or share.

Real Mail from Crys Wood - What's Inside

Real Mail is for you if…

  • You enjoy¬†the letters I¬†publish here.
  • You’re willing to be surprised.
  • You’re not offended¬†by a light sprinkle¬†of profanity, religious flexibility and questions that get you thinking or rethinking.

Real Mail is not for you if…

  • You don’t like my letters.
  • You expect¬†things to go just¬†as you expect.
  • You’re offended¬†by swear words, Buddhism, life’s ambiguity and difficult questions.

How Real Mail works

Your subscription

Subscribe below with a one-time payment via PayPal and letters with treats will arrive in your mailbox on occasion, starting in July and going on through September — a total of 7 letters.

This is a one-time payment, not a recurring subscription. After¬†you click the Get Real Mail¬†button below, you’ll only be charged this once to¬†get letters throughout the summer.

Another round of letters will begin in the fall, and you’ll be invited to sign up for that when the time comes. In the meantime:¬†one payment, many letters.

Outside the US? No problem!

I happily send Real Mail anywhere in the world — currently there are subscribers in the US, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Australia! International delivery can take a little longer (or a lot), so your letters may take a week or two to arrive if you’re outside the US.

I’m eco-friendly!

Making real paper kills real trees, and Real Mail uses real paper. I get it.

If it helps, I’m conscious of the real impact Real Mail has on our environment and balance the¬†use of paper¬†like this¬†—

  • Real Mail letters use papers and envelopes that are both 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.
  • Printed drafts and other production leftovers are all, and always, recycled.
  • Used toner cartridges are returned to the manufacturer for reuse.
  • With¬†a home-based business and¬†a 20-foot commute, I have a very wee¬†carbon footprint. I don’t even own a vehicle. Car sharing and mass transit FTW!

Let’s bring your mailbox back to life

Got questions? Just ask.